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Warranty Claims Administration Tool

Claim Administration Tool (CAT)

CAT is a software for warranty and goodwill processing in the automotive industry. A huge benefit for warranty administrators via a simplified file exchange within seconds.

The classic piles of paper files associated with warranty claims is now redundant, and replaced by a proven optimised digital process. This reduces the time-consuming manual reconciling of warranty claims / reimbursements to just a few minutes.

The effort of manual entries is minimised using interfaces and OCR technology.

Improve your business warranty claims process

CAT has a built-in user activity to ensure process opimisation with the administration of warranty claims to the vehicle manufacturer.

  • Compiling and submitting warranty claims within the manufacturer’s time frame
  • Responding promptly to queried or rejected claims in a timely fashion
  • Verifying manufacturer’s payments
  • Accurate record keeping and filing
  • Ability to conduct routine self-audits checks

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