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Paperless Job cards

Audio Technician Tool (ATT)

ATT is an electronic Job Card for technicians. Utilising voice recognition, this tool supports the technicians as they diagnose the customer's vehicle. ATT automatically converts the spoken diagnostics into text. Enabling speed of repair and customer satisfaction. Video and images to support the diagnostics can be implemented at a touch of a button.

With ATT smart speech recognition built-in dictation, the admin time for technician's write-ups will be reduced by about 70% compared to standard analogue systems. ATT removes the 'messy hand-writing' as it captured electronically either typed, spoken or templated reusable text for repetitional work.

No more mechanical clocking on/off for the day or via a separate system, the technician can simple clock on a job or quickly in the various sub-sections such as 'Diagnostic', 'Repair' via his ATT tablet.

Physical space saving

Every document relating to the repair can be electronically archived, including photos and video capture. Highest standards of data protection are ensured through regular audits. The archived store are hosted in high-availability systems in three data centres in Europe. Access to the archived files is via any authorised computer with an internet connection.

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