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Technical Integrations

Repair Times Tool (RTT)

RTT is a solution for the Retailer. It automatically integrates with the Vehicle Manufacturer's technical engineering for repair operation times, codes and descriptions. The tool clearly highlights the time it takes to complete a given repair and saves the retailer time.

A huge benefit is the single integration platform for data synchronisation between the local retailer's Dealer Management System (DMS), Vehicle Manufacturers technical repair timings the ilexius automotive software.

• On average saves ca. 80% of data entry time compared to analogue methods

• Removes need to double keying / human typos

• Enhances workflow with the DMS integration

DMS Integration Platform

All our products allow DMS integration, we have a two way bi-directional feed that can automatically extract & import contents to and from the DMS, which removes the need for double keying and saves employee time.

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